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Testing Process

Testing, evaluation, and assessment should not be stressful, intimidating, or overwhelming.  Athens Neuropsychology's (ANC) website is designed to help you feel comfortable and prepared for your neuropsychological, psychological, or psychoeducational/academic consultation by knowing as much as possible about both Dr. Butryn and the evaluation process.

The evaluation consists of:

Approximately 3+ hours of your time (depending on the referral question/needs), which includes:

  • An interview to obtain information about your cognitive symptoms, medical history, medications, and other important issues.

  • We encourage you to bring someone who knows you well for collateral information during the initial interview.

  • Face-to-face testing with Dr. Butryn, including paper-and-pencil and computer facilitated tests to assess your cognitive, memory, learning, and academic functioning as needed.

  • Questionnaires to obtain further information about your background and functioning-usually completed in advance of or following the testing day in order for us to focus face-to-face time on our evaluation.


How can I prepare for my evaluation?

  • You may receive questionnaires or testing links in the mail or email to complete ahead of time.

  • Be sure to get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, bring your glasses and readers, wear your hearing aids (with good batteries), and continue to take your medications as prescribed.

  • Please feel free to bring a snack and water bottle into the testing session.


What can I expect?

  • Face-to-face testing will be conducted by Dr. Butryn.

  • Testing will be performed at a desk with the patient or client on one side and Dr. Butryn on the other.

  • Only the patient or client is allowed in the room during testing.

  • Whenever possible and appropriate, iPads may be used to facilitate the testing process.

  • We will take breaks when needed.

  • A written report will be prepared once tests are scored and all information is obtained/integrated.

  • Feedback may be provided to you and referral source as needed regarding your test results discussing cognitive strengths and weaknesses, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations in order to improve your daily functioning and enhance quality of life.  Dr. Butryn will answer any questions and discuss any concerns you may have.

Image by Lasse Jensen
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